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The 24-Hour Author
Mentorship Program

Do you want to become an author but don't know where to start? Do you need help selecting a topic, creating a book outline, or someone to bounce your ideas off of? Look no further. Your answer is HERE! 

As a self-published author, I take great pride in helping other aspiring authors get clarity, gain confidence, and remove the barriers preventing them from writing their books.
During the 4-week Mentorship program, you will get:

-How to Choose a Book Title (PDF)
-Select a book topic 
-Develop your book outline
-Manuscript feedback via email 1x per week
-Receive one weekly video message from me
-Gain clarity & focus on writing your book
-Receive Self-publishing 101 (PDF)
-Get my Book Design Cheat Sheet (PDF). My time-saving tips for creating an interior book layout.  

Join the 24-Hour Author Mentorship Program today! $350