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We don't choose how we start, but we all get to choose how we will finish.

-Krystle Laughter

I grew up the youngest of six children in a single-parent household. Growing up I struggled with extreme shyness and insecurity. I was so quiet people would literally forget I was there. Because I was so shy it was hard for me to make friends and by the time I reached high school I didn't want to do it anymore. I dropped out of high school on the first day of the ninth grade.

I worked dead-end jobs for a few years until I had I realized I needed to get a G.E.D. so that I could work full time at my job. I took the test and failed the math test three times. I was so discouraged I quit trying for a while. It wasn't until a few years later with encouragement from my sister that I studied hard, took the test again, and passed.

Afterward, I enrolled in college. It was there that I met my 1st husband who turned out to be extremely abusive. My fears, insecurities, and lack of self-love caused me to settle in a mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially abusive relationship. The relationship eventually ended in divorce after my ex-husband tried to take my life. I thank God that I survived. 


After finding freedom from my abusive marriage I finished my bachelor's degree and enrolled in an M.I.T program. At this time I was a single mother motivated to finish school and create stability for my two children; I did and I graduated in 2012. Since then I went on to release my debut album titled: All Things New, which speaks to my experiences with insecurity, domestic violence, life, and faith. You can listen here.

In 2016, I self-published my first book title You're a Diamond! A few months later my nephew passed away and I wrote a book to remember him called: When I Think of You. In 2020, I wrote and released, Love Yourself First, because I wanted to share the wisdom and life lessons I had learned with other women. It has gone on to sell hundreds of copies and inspire women all over the world. 

Life has thrown me many curveballs, yet through it all, my faith in God has given me the strength to overcome them. I have confidence and peace now that I've never known. I look to the future with hope and can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring. I'm truly grateful to my heavenly father for his everlasting love, joy, and strength. With Him, I know that nothing is impossible.

If you would like to read more about my story you can read it in my book, Love Yourself First: How to Heal from Toxic People, Create Healthy Relationships, & Become a Confident Woman

2020 Branded Instagram_Facebook Posts co