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Healing is an essential part of living a happy and whole life. Whatever you don't heal, you will continue to deal with. In my life, I've had to heal from all sorts of things, including childhood trauma, abuse, domestic violence & insecurity, to name a few. Your healing journey is a lifelong commitment. It's not a state of arrival; it's a mindset dedicated to learning and growing. Your experiences have shaped who you are; never be ashamed of them.

Healing Books

I desire to see people whole, healthy, and healed. I know from experience how trauma impacts every area of your life, from your thoughts, how you view yourself, the things you accept, and the relationships you choose. I have written books, journals & children's books to empower and help people heal. Purchase them for yourself and share them with friends and family.

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Healing Courses

At my online school Krystle Laughter Academy I've created courses to help you heal and grow. Take one or take them all. Also, feel free to suggest a course idea you'd like to see at the academy.

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I mentor, encourage, and create inspirational videos on my YouTube channel. I will also create content for people who want to become authors soon. Support the channel by watching, subscribing, liking, and sharing over 400+ videos on my channel.

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