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The following are the books I've written, designed, formatted and self-published independently. I've spent the last seven years learning, researching, and acquiring skills I now use to help my clients succeed and become authors with ease.


When you work with me, you get access to years of knowledge and expertise I've learned from personal experience as a successful author. I love learning and perfecting my craft, and I'm happy to share what I've learned with you. I know what it takes to get you to the finish line, and I'm gifted to help you overcome obstacles.


Feel free to order several of my books to examine my work more closely, and feel free to share them with friends. As always, my goal is to uplift, encourage and inspire you to be your best self and to accomplish your goals. I look forward to working with you. 

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Love Yourself First:

Many women are living lives far less than they deserve, all because they never learned how to love themselves. Loving yourself first is the secret to healing, creating healthy relationships, and becoming a confident woman because you teach others how to treat you. If you've ever done love wrong, married or single, this book is for you. In Love Yourself First, you'll learn how to:


  • Use the 3 "A's" of Healing to recover from the past

  • Break toxic relationship cycles

  • Teach others how to love you by loving yourself first

  • Choose relationships that compliment your future

  • Practice self-love every day

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The Love Yourself Workbook

The Love Yourself First Workbook is now available! This is a stand-alone workbook, but it will help you get the most out of your reading experience as you reflect, journal, and reinforce the teachings of the Love Yourself First book.


Research shows that you retain more information when you immediately put what you learn into practice. It's time to do the work and heal! You deserve it, queen!

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Love Yourself Again

How did I get stuck in another toxic relationship? Are healthy relationships even possible? How do I stop attracting toxic relationships and break the cycle for good? In Love Yourself Again, I tell the story of how I overcame my second abusive marriage, the lessons I learned, and how I healed, learned my worth, and moved on. As I recall the events of my journey, I provide practical steps to empower you by showing you how to:

  • Recognize & Break “The Chaos Cycle”

  • Practice The Four Pillars of Self-Love

  • Communicate Your Boundaries Effectively

  • Set Boundaries That Repel Toxic People &

  • Have Standards That Attract Healthy Relationships

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The Love Yourself First: Daily Affirmation Journal for Women

The Love Yourself First: Daily Affirmation Journal for Women is now Available! This journal is filled with 100 daily affirmations and prompts that will help you dig deep and build the confidence you need to love yourself.  




Shame doesn't live here anymore.

Love Yourself First, Kids

"Joy is found when you know your worth. Happiness comes when you love yourself first. Kindness and love are what you must do. Be kind to yourself and others too."

A cute book that teaches kids about the importance of confidence, kindness, friendship & self-love!

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He Doesn't Love You If...

He says he likes you, but he doesn’t call you. He tells you that he wants to be with you but wants to work on himself first. He says it's not you; it's him. It's time to read between the lines, get real, and know the truth! No more time wasting. No more game playing. Don’t be a revolving door for a man who can’t decide what he wants. You are a queen, and you deserve a king.

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You're a Diamond:
A 30-Day Devotional for Women

Do you want to start your day off right? Do you need a little encouragement in the morning? If you're looking for a fun, light-hearted way to kickstart your day, You're a Diamond! is perfect for you.

The author shares inspirational stories and heartfelt lessons from her life that will motivate you to go higher and dig deeper. Get the book today!

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Self-Love Everyday:
31 Empowering Affirmations

Self-love begins with the thoughts we think and the words that we say to ourselves.

It's easy to be negative, but learning how to love and affirm yourself is not as easy. In Self-Love Everyday, you will learn how to speak positively, encourage yourself with your words, accept yourself, and speak the woman you want to become into existence.

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Let's Be Honest:
Real Answers for Real Women Facing Abuse

Who better to answer questions about domestic violence than the survivors themselves. Let's Be Honest answers real questions about abuse from women who've experienced it.

Written by a survivor, the author offers insight and knowledge from her personal experience and provides a unique understanding of the victims' need for answers, compassion, hope, and sobering truth.

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