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Become an author, create extra income & make an IMPACT!

Do you have a story to tell? Do you want to make a difference, leave a lasting legacy and create an extra stream of income? 

At Fortre' Publishing Co., we specialize in helping ordinary people overcome the obstacles preventing them from becoming self-published authors. Whether you need help creating, editing, designing, or self-publishing your book. We can help. As a busy mom of seven, I have written and self-published over 17+ books. If I can do it, you can too!

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About Fortre'

I started Fortre' Publishing Co. to honor my nephew Deontre, who we called Tre', who passed away unexpectedly at fifteen. When he was younger, we spent a lot of time together, and he was like a son before I had my children. There was a lot of turmoil surrounding his passing, and I wanted a way to honor him and create closure. I self-published my first book, You're a Diamond, earlier that year, so I came up with an idea to write my first children's book. During two weeks, I wrote, designed & self-published: When I Think of You.

Sometimes, the things that happen in life can make us feel powerless, but you don't have to remain stuck. When I Think of You was my way of taking my power back. You can take back your power too! Write your story, get your healing & bounce back better than ever.

Fortre' Publishing Co. represents healing, purpose & POWER! We can't control the things we experience, but we get to choose what to do with what we're given. give them a crown of beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning,

and a garment of praise for a spirit of despair.

-Isaiah 61:3

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When I Think of You


My Author Journey

I wrote my first book in 2016, while I was six months pregnant with my fifth child, as a desire to do something different for my birthday. My first book was a 30-day devotional for women called "You're a Diamond!" I had no clue what I was doing, but in less than thirty days, I had successfully written, designed & self-published my first book. It sounds crazy as I look back. Who was I to think I could write a book? I realize that everything in life takes risks and a step of faith.

My biggest success came with my third book, Love Yourself First. In 2019, I was a newly single mom healing from an emotionally abusive marriage and recently found out I was pregnant. I was in a dark place and knew I needed to pull myself out. I turned to what I loved to do: write.  I had so many regrets, so much I had learned the hard way. If I could help one person avoid the same pitfalls, I would have succeeded.

I published Love Yourself First on March 1st, 2020. Today it's a 4-Part series called, The Love Yourself Series, which includes the original book, a healing workbook, an affirmation journal, and a sequel titled: Love Yourself Again. The Love Yourself series has sold over 5,000 copies.

Since then, I've written over 17+ books with more on the way. I'm excited to encourage, educate and propel you closer to your goal of becoming a self-published author. 

You can work with me one-on-one or via online courses through my academy. I work with a limited number of clients monthly, and spots fill up quickly. We look forward to serving you.


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Many never write their books because they fail to develop a successful mindset. You must prepare to win if you're serious about succeeding as a self-published author. In this course, I will equip you with the tools to write your book by helping you create a winning attitude. I will teach you how to overcome obstacles, write confidently, find your motivation, impact others, and much more!

In this course, you'll learn how to:

- Overcome Writing Obstacles

- Find Your Motivation

- Build Writing Confidence 

- What You Should Know Before Writing

- Editing Tips & Resources

- How to Impact Others Through Your Book

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