Author Coaching 

Coach with Me!

As an author coach, I help my clients overcome the obstacles standing in the way of them publishing their books. Everyone has to start somewhere. Many things go into writing, designing, and publishing a book. Save yourself time by not trying to figure it out by yourself. 

As an 11x self-published author, I have a plethora of experiences that I pull from to help you from start to finish. The average self-published book sells just 300 copies in its lifetime. My Love Yourself Series has sold over 1700+ copies in the US, as well as internationally. Let me share my marketing & design secrets with you! Book a session with me today. 

How I Help You!

  • I Can Help You Select a Book Topic

  • Provide Book Ideas Based on Your Life Story

  • Give You Feedback on Your Manuscript

  • Help You Select a Title for Your Book

  • & Much More...

I'm here to serve you! Schedule a session with me today!