I wasted years in toxic relationships with people who had no concern for my mental and emotional health. I thought I wasn't valuable because others chose not to value me.


I made excuses for other people's bad behavior. I believed the lie that I had to accept whatever people gave me instead of what I knew I deserved: love, loyalty & honor. I spent years trying to earn people's love, but you'll never be good enough for the wrong people.


After two toxic relationships, I decided to get to the root of the problem and heal. On my journey, I discovered that the key to true happiness is knowing how to love yourself first. I put this wisdom in a 4-Part series called: The Love Yourself Series.


Writing this book was a part of my healing journey. If I could help just one woman heal from toxic relationships and know her worth, it would all be worth it. And I did! 


As a result of writing books, I've been able to help thousands of women HEAL, create extra INCOME & make an IMPACT in the lives of others.


It's a joy to share my wisdom & knowledge with you through The Love Yourself Series, my YouTube channel & Krystle Laughter Academy.

My mission is to help you heal, build confidence, self-publish your book & turn your disappointment into dollars—no more shame or guilt. You are worthy. You deserve to heal and to be whole. You deserve people who celebrate you.

It's time to Love Yourself First!

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Let your FAITH be bigger than your fear.

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It's possible to heal from the pain of your past, forgive yourself & break the cycle of toxic relationships. Don't live in fear. It's time for your BREAKTHROUGH!

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