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I grew up the youngest of six children in a single-parent household. I never knew my father and still don't know who he is to this day. I didn't realize the effect of not having a father on me until adulthood. 

As a child, I was extremely shy. I wouldn't talk at school or around people I didn't know. I realize that I was never affirmed or felt confident enough to be myself. I worried too much about what others thought. I wasn't comfortable being myself because I feared rejection.

In adulthood, I experienced two abusive marriages in which I suffered emotional, physical & spiritual abuse. I escaped with my life and mental health intact through God's grace and mercy.


After leaving my last marriage, I realized that my childhood trauma made me susceptible to toxic relationships and that I needed to heal.  Through therapy and healing, I learned that true happiness comes from knowing & loving yourself. I put this wisdom in a 4-Part series called: The Love Yourself Series.


Writing has been a part of my healing journey. It has helped me process my pain and understand my experiences in a way that I would not have been able to otherwise.


As a result of writing, I've been able to help thousands of women HEAL, build confidence & stop settling for less than they deserve.


It's a joy to share this wisdom & knowledge with you through The Love Yourself Series, my YouTube channel & Krystle Laughter Academy.

My goal is to help you heal, break cycles, build self-confidence & self-publish your book. You don't have to stay stuck in life. If I, a single mother of seven, can overcome my fears, self-publish books, and go after my dreams, "What's stopping you?"

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Take a step of faith. Believe in yourself. You can do this!

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Let your FAITH be bigger than your fear.

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